HELLO! We’re glad you found us. Commoncove was recently launched as a brand of cowork spaces for suburban and near urban workers. Our first location, at Chelsea’s Admiral’s Hill Marina, is Greater Boston’s first coworking space on the waterfront.  We provide the ideal “home office” by being close to home but not in your home – a dynamic workspace with both dedicated and floating desks, shared worktables, phone booths, meeting rooms – all just steps from the harbor.  We offer flexible, affordable, memberships to accommodate your particular schedule and budget.

Just give a call to schedule a tour of the space today.

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The Founders Room

Our private room is the ideal space for bringing your startup to life.


Contract includes:

  • Private space accommodates up to 6 people
  • Includes 3 full-access memberships, 2 hourly “free flow” memberships
  • Discounted rates for event space
  • Minimum 3-month lease
  • $1,200 monthly

The Founders Room is the perfect choice for a small team. With it, you get private access to the locked room, with great views over the waterfront and marina, with a private entrance from the back porch. Since this room is off-limits to everyone but your team, you can really spread out and get to work.

Founders Room coworkers get discounted rates for our event space, reduced monthly memberships for additional teammates, and more.



Priced to fit your needs, and your wallet

Let’s grow our businesses together. As a founding member, you’ll have the opportunity to help build and shape a collaborative community you’ll be proud to be a part of – for as little as $20 a month and $2 an hour.  Contact us for more details



Non-Member “Day Pass”

  • 24 hour notice required
  • Heads down space and meeting rooms may be reserved for an hourly fee



Your Time “Hourly Free Flow”

  • Monthly membership fee of $20
  • Meeting rooms may be reserved for an hourly fee



Full Time “Free Flow”

  • Includes $20 per month membership fee
  • Use of any available free desk which come in 5 different heights to accommodate your desire to sit or stand
  • Includes 8 free hours of meeting room usage per month
  • Free Park and Fly Privileges
  • Use of Commoncove’s discounted Zipcar® rates



Full Time “Dedicated”

Our “Dedicated” members prefer consistency and have a dedicated desk and highly adjustable chair for their exclusive use for the month.

  • Includes $20 per month membership fee
  • 8 Free CoLab Hours Per Month
  • Free Park and Fly Privileges
  • Use of Commoncove’s discounted Zipcar® rates


Our Story

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Close to Home. Not in Your Home. Working alone often results in loneliness, distractions that reduce productivity, bad work habits and possibly marriage counseling. As technology enables work to encroach on your life, it’s important to maintain a work/life separation, “Close to Home, Not in Your Home” creates that separation.

Driven By Sustainability. Long commutes are unhealthy, decrease employee retention, and do harm to our environment. Putting workspaces in the suburbs, and closer to YOU, supports our mission of reducing the carbon footprint of our members by ONE BILLION commuting miles a year.

Be a Coworker, Not a “Coffeeshopper.” You’re a mobile worker. You’ve discovered career freedom – with your laptop and phone you can work from anywhere. So stop competing for an open outlet at the local coffee shop. For the cost of a latte and a pastry per day, you could be working out of a space thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of mobile workers and their clients. It’s time to “level up” and graduate from the coffee shop.

Check out this great video about coworking from Turnstone!

Coworking 101 / Frequently Asked Questions

Printers, fax, internet, conference rooms, private phone booths, coffee & snacks

Social hour, outdoor grills, lounge/patio, boardwalks, jogging paths, lunch dates, kitchen

Collaborate, innovate, productive feedback, brainstorm, feel energized at the end of the day

Coworking 101

What is Coworking?

Coworking is a concept created to satisfy the needs
 of millions of mobile knowledge workers (workers who “think” for a living.)
 Many of these knowledge workers have suddenly found themselves untethered to a desk and thus, are free to work where, when and how they choose. It’s great when they can take advantage of their technology driven freedom, but not so great if they find themselves working at home or alone and missing out on the social interaction, energy, excitement and fun that coworkers bring.

Before coworking, mobile knowledge workers really only had two ways to avoid having to work from home; squatting in coffee shops or paying for an executive suite.

Coffee shops provide good opportunities for social observation but limited opportunities for social interaction (customers behave like one person islands) and zero business support – often not even a plug, much less the ability to print, scan or copy documents.

Executive suites offer limited opportunity for social observation and social interaction, while mobile workers often pay for too much expensive business support that may not be necessary to their needs.

Coworking to the rescue!  Coworking offers exactly the right mix of oportunities for social observation, social interaction and business support for today’s mobile knowledge workers.

Our Story

Coworking is cheaper than “working” from home for free.

Workers who find themselves home alone (with too many distractions to list) are far less productive, which makes “free” a career threatening illusion. Joining a coworking space is a great investment in your future as it increases productivity, income, self-confidence and work/life separation while reducing marriage/relationship and career risk.

Is Coworking right for you?

It’s not about whether you’re cool enough (because you definitely are). Members with passion, energy and enthusiasm are the backbone of a coworking community. Our job is to help you, mobile knowledge workers, make the best choice (coffee shop, cowork space or executive suite) to maximize your productivity and find the best fit.


Located on the Waterfront in the beautiful Admirals Hill area of Chelsea, we’re minutes from Boston, Cambridge, Logan airport and just steps from the water. Needless to say, we really like where we are.

Directions from Boston – We recommend the scenic route

93N to Rt. 1 Tobin Bridge. Take the very first exit over the Tobin for Beacon Street. Take a right at the base of the ramp, right on Broadway. Another right at Commandant’s Way at the end of Broadway.   Left when you see our sign, after the waterfront park and tennis courts, before the Jefferson at Admiral’s Hill apartments.

Common Cove
305 Commandants Way
Admiral’s Hill Marina
Chelsea, MA 02150

Our coworkers don’t compete…they collaborate.

We’re proud to host a community of self-motivated, creative and critical thinkers who are passionate about what they do. They’re supportive of each other and celebrate everyone’s success.

Who are they, you ask? Web designers, journalists, realtors, start-ups, graphic designers, architects, and marketers extraordinaire – you name it. It can be a moving target, but whatever the day you’ll always be rubbing elbows (figuratively) with independent, open-minded people like yourself.

Christian Williams

Sr. Art Director

Raised on a steady diet of Godzilla and Bob Ross, Christian spent his early years as an egg gathering, bmx riding, raft making, side-arm throwing hick who would eventually become the basis for Stephan Hawkings ‘A Brief History of Time”

Always the career optimist, he never shied away from changing occupation and served time as a plumber, writer, computer consultant, carpenter, and bartender. Lured by the promise of ping pong tables, world travel and beer, he decided to try his hand as an art director. Like a phoenix he rose to the highest heights of anonymity. Since then he’s been building, making, and shaping people’s perceptions for some of the world’s most successful and pioneering brands.


Event & Meeting Planner

When she joined the HelmsBriscoe team in June 2010, Cyndi was excited about the great service they provide to their clients, saving them valuable time while providing unparalleled negotiating power and the best resources in the industry. A source of unsurpassed enthusiasm, energy, and creativity, Cyndi works endlessly to ensure her clients satisfaction, and affords her clients with the best solutions to meet their needs.

Cyndi has been a sales and marketing professional in diverse industries for several years. As a Global Account Manager, Cyndi prides herself on exceptional customer service and outstanding attention to detail. She is always excited to meet new clients and no meeting is too big or too small!

James Bill

Real Estate Development & Marketing

James has worn the hats of most real estate development disciplines, though the best fit was likely leading marketing & sales efforts for a design-driven, forward-thinking development group converting industrial mill buildings into live/work lofts.

An experienced project manager, he as been responsible for numerous residential projects – both rental and sales, renovation and new construction – some of which can be seen on his online portfolio below. In addition to seeking out additional developments, James now offers consulting at all stages of design, development and marketing.

Daniel Friedman

Designer & Entrepreneur

From his headquarters in New York City, the youthful, ambitious and sometimes brilliant Daniel started Bindle & Keep, a premier bespoke menswear company offering the finest Italian and English fabrics, an unparalleled attention to detail, and white-glove client service.

Their affordable suits, shirts and jackets are tailored to your exacting specifications and sartorial tastes. And good news – they’re coming to Boston.


Matthew Jones

Life Coach

What is the work I do as a Life Coach? Well, in particular I help young people prepare for life transitions – from College to life, or high school to college. It seems these days there is a lot of preparation, academically and intellectually for the next step, but there does not seem to be much emotional or spiritual preparation. This can lead to large amounts of existential stress, the stress of wondering who I am and what am I going to do with my life? What is my purpose? I help young people prepare the totality of themselves, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually for the next step, whatever it may be!

Lili von Baeyer

Artist & Entrepreneur

Lili has a rich history in fortune telling and floor tile modeling.  As she hones her skills for both, she often wonders how she can combine the two to make a truly unique experience for her clients.

Some of her most successful acts have been in the Barnum and Bailey traveling road show and the Home Edition of Boston Magazine.  You may recognize her from HGTV’s “Tiles and Tarot”, PBS’s “Tile Me Your Story and I’ll Tile You Mine”, or perhaps as Rudy Huxtable’s adorable yet feisty best friend in ABC’s classic “The Cosby Show.”



Outdoor Education Consultant

Ashley has a passion for exploration and adventure. She dreams big, at least, as big as the mountains around her, and her dreams are to give all young people an opportunity to experience and love the outdoors.  She works with schools, camps and private organizations to create the most beneficial programs to encourage a “passion for the outdoors” for the youth they cater to.  Ashley brings a zest for life, spunk, positive outlook on life and humanity, and undeniable energy to each project she works on.



Christian Williams
James Bill
Daniel Friedman
Lili von Baeyer


Questions, comments, ideas?
We’re all ears.

We’d love to hear from you, but even better would be to see you down here so we can show you the fantastic space! And I suggest you bring with you some work to do because you’ll probably want to stick around.

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